Project “Green-line-2012-2014г.”

Engagement and responsibility for clear nature! 

The ecological way of life is not only fashion – it’s also the sensible way of life. The usage of more and more nature friendly alternatives like recycling, renovation and reuse of customer goods and appliances spare not only nature but also our health. All these help to preserve the nature, to have nice atmosphere in the office and at home! It saves us money and makes our everyday life easier!

Project “Green line” is entirely oriented to the Eco-technologies. 

We invest in the Future

Recycling is a process which aims the returning of part of the taken from the natural resources, which after being used in the production and customer’s spheres are reduced to waste. Recycling helps for the reuse and multiple use or partial replacement of materials, elements and components. Thus the use of new nature resources and pollution of the environment is reduced. 

Use of relatively cheaper renovated and recycled IT products gives access for more and more people to the modern technologies.